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We have a long list of happy Carson CA clients who have turned to us when they were in need of dryer repair. We have taken on these repairs in just about the same way each time.

It begins with a diagnosis, where we figure out why you are needing dryer repair in Carson CA. This is where we look through your appliance for signs of dryer parts that need replaced. We then give you an idea on how much your entire dryer repair will run. This amount is dependent on what we must pay for the dryer parts in Carson CA and how much labor our repair professional must provide.

You then have the right to turn down the offer and shop around for other providers for your dryer repair in Carson CA. However, giving us the green light to perform the repair means we will quickly get the dryer parts and head back to your Carson CA residence to finish the job. Typically, we are able to get any replacement parts you could possibly need.

Our local parts stores have stock for all different brand names, such as Bosch, GE, LG, Maytag, Viking, and Whirlpool. If you are uncertain what your Carson dryer repair could cost you, then give us a call and we will try to give you a rough estimate. Once we are able to come out and diagnose your issue, we will know exactly what your repair will run. Thankfully, if it is your first repair with us you will also enjoy $10 off your repair costs which will make your repair even more affordable. Your repair quote is just one quick call away.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Has your electric dryer stopped producing heat? If so, the first thing you should do is check to see if the breaker for the dryer's circuit board is on. Drying machines need 240 volts of power, which means they will be managed with a dual breaker switch. It's possible that half of the switch is off. This would create sufficient power to the dryer to make it tumble without heating up. Just turn the breaker off and back on to see if starts producing heat. If it does, you will want to get the breaker replaced.


Universal Appliance Repair of Carson

1101 E Watson Center Rd Ste D, Carson, CA 90745

(424) 391-3532
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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